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 Теплоход РЕМИКС

Ms REMIX – Your luxury cruise vessel on Ob River and Irtysh River.


Теплоход РЕМИКС


ms REMIX has got its new life in 2009. After complete multimillion renovation, now it is one of the most beautiful ships on Russian waterways.

 After all the capital repairs of the hull, engines and other equipment were accomplished, it was already the turn of the interior decoration.

The idea was based on the concept of a “Round-the-world cruise” on board a single ship.


Теплоход РЕМИКС


 This ship is unique and looks like the Fabulous palace of a Mysterious queen.


There are 30 suites and staterooms on board ms REMIX.

TSARS APARTMENTS are 60 square meters each, offer unvelievable amount of daily light due to a lot of windows in every suite. Also there is direct access to walk-around promenade. 2 suites: "Versailles", and "White Apartment".

GRAND SUITES are 35 square meters each. 2 suites: "Japan" and "Turkey".
SUITES of ms REMIX are not only chique and charming, but every one is unique in design and atmosphere. 8 suites: "Cote D'Azur" (with direct access to walk-aroung promenade), "Africa", "Mexico", "Egypt", "India", "China", "London", "Shoe".

COMFORT category staterooms are completely new. They have window and all private facilities. They are 12-14 square meters each. 10 staterooms including 1 TRPL, 1 stateroom has partly obstructed view (COMFORT II category).

ECONOMY class staterooms are located on Lower deck, they have 2-4 portholes and shared facilities. 8 staterooms in total.


Restaurant "BLACK PEARL" serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner "à-la-carte".

Bar "BLACK PEARL" offers wide variety of drinks.


Теплоход РЕМИКС


Restaurant "Pirate's Bar" serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in an unusual manner. Family style servings, thematic dinners (Siberian Dinner-party, Fish Dinner, Pirate's Dinner, Russian Dinner, Pelmeni Dinner-party, Hunting Dinner-party, etc).

The restaurant looks like a dining room on Captain's Cook schooner.


Теплоход РЕМИКС


Guests change the dining venues between "BLACK PEARL" restaurant and "Pirate's Bar" restaurant on daily basis.

There are 4 meals per day. Breakfast. Lunch and Dinner are served at the restaurants, and afternoon tea at the saloon.


 Теплоход РЕМИКС


The WHITE LOUNGE is the comfortable place to have a chat with your friends, have a cup of aftertnoon tea with cookies or a piece of cake.


Теплоход РЕМИКС


There is traditional Russian Sauna on board. During "Green-Camp stops" you can swim in Ob River and Irtysh River after visiting our sauna.


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